Standardized Lab, Documentation and Form Folders in iClinic®

As opposed to fee-for-service, Value-Based Payment (VBP) ties your patient care income more to quality than quantity. Providers are responsible for demonstrating quality improvement year over year. High quality data for these measures is critical in calculating your quality score. In order to improve the iClinic® EHR data quality, we have implemented a list of commonly used standard folders for lab data and documents across specialties based on the survey and feedback from our users. By using these structured folders, data can be easily tagged and coded for reliable quality calculations and reporting.

To accomplish this important task, we ask our providers to timely select appropriate folders for your practice, transferring files from your existing non-standardized folders into the most applicable standard folders. We have built the following features for your convenience in folder management: 1) Alphabetical Sorting or Freely Moving up & down; 2) Choice of moving the files in a particular old folder into the selected standard folder using Document Batch Action (patient by patient) or Move Files Clinic-wide between categories ("Customize"). Please note the data in your non-standard folders are available to you, which are not eligible for quality reporting. We recognize that additional folder categories may be needed, please feel free to submit your request to MDLand Support for review.

We wish your understanding of potential short-term workflow changes for a better tomorrow! Your success and satisfaction are our goal! Please click HERE for a video overview of the standardized lab, documentation and form folders in iClinic®. ALL PROVIDERS MUST SELECT THE STANDARDIZED FOLDERS TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR QUALITY REPORTING BY MARCH 31, 2019.

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